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Travel Day 2

Transferring from Lance Corporal Johnson-Campbell to Uncle Patrick

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In the last 48 hours I went from being called Lance Cpl. Johnson-Campbell/JC/Radar to Uncle Patrick and let me tell you I like the title.

In the last five years I have come up to visit my sister in New Jersey a few times. Her family was nice enough to have me over for my first Thanksgiving in the Military back 2005, and I came up in 2007 to see my niece, who was born the same day I deployed. I was even lucky enough to see her earlier last year when the newly wedded husband and crew came to Arizona for Thanksgiving.

This will be last time though I stay at the house I've been couch surfing on during family visits. Not because I don't ever plan on coming back to NJ (not that I'm missing much when I'm not here), but they are currently trying to sell the house.

Its funny looking back on the last five years of visiting and see all that has changed. The failed deli building down the street is now a pizzeria/market. Ginuseppe's is a nice mom and pops place with some great pizza. This is the first place I've been to that three pieces put me over the top. The best part of lunch though was the walk..er.. run back. I played freeze tag with my three year old niece and hearing her laugh is just to cute.

For dinner we decided to head to up to Atlantic City and to walk the Boardwalk. Goal number one: get a photo of me and dad under St. James' Place sign and compare to the taken 5 years ago when we came to see Jess graduate from high school. FAILED!

Come to find out all that monopoly money did have some value to it and Atlantic City got a face lift. The ambiance is gone, not to mention the sign and the Korean War Memorial. It's a shame when you can't buy salt water taffy on the boardwalk and the Nathan's Hot Dog looks like they check for collard shirts at the door. It's even worse the war memorial for the "Forgotten War" just disappears. I'm sure some liberal had something to do with that.

Came back and ended the night playing some video games with my brother-in-law. Of course Texeria hit 2 home runs against the Philies in our World Series rematch, of course.

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Travel Day 1

Finally Made It Out

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Okay so I got delayed a whole 24 hours because Ford decided because I have a car under warranty they could spend some time taking care of my car, but it worked out for the better I think.

I took my dad to some North Carolina sea food. It was awesome. We stopped at Crabby Mike's Local Seafood in Top Sail. Of course after spending 4 years in North Carolina my last dinner I found the most beautiful waitress, but yeah least I found her. We opened the meal up with Sam Adam's Summer Ale with a five cheese, crab, spinach. We had the chef's specialty that included flounder, fried oyster, shrimp, scallops, and a crab cake. I have had crab cake's in Maryland and my dad has had crab cakes from all across the world none compared to this one. It was a good meal all together.

We ended the night with one last good stroke play with guys on Tiger Woods 2010.

Me and pops woke up at 7:30 made our way to Jacksonville to check up on my car. Of course we found out it wasn't ready. I decided to take my dad to my favorite hung over breakfast restaurant, The Kettle Diner. Of course it was pretty delicious. The best part of the meal was when the waitress came to "check up" on us but by then our food had vanished. Her look was unforgettable; "wow, you should have warned me I would have blended up and made milk shakes for you guys," classic Patrick and James moment.

At 11:30 we finally got my car and hit the road. Sadly I don't have much more to report from there because it was straight shot to New Jersey. What was cool about our drive I had to stop for a bathroom break and a gas break.

Where did we stop? We stopped at the Exxon across the street from the Arundel Mills Mall, The county where I went to photography school and an advancement course. So in one day my dad saw where I spent a majority of my domestic time in the Marine Corps.

After 8 ½ hours we finally made it to my sister house. I’ve got some good East coast beer and get to see that my niece is taking after me.

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Day -1

Let the count down begin.....

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Tonight is my last night in the Marine Corps. I think if I ever wondered what it was like to die and leave everything behind you to leave for something greater this may be it. I know that I will keep in touch with some of the guys I’ve grown to love, but I know a majority of them will just be faces on my friends list. That’s not what this is about though. This about me starting a new chapter of my life and before starting I must make the trek across the country.

This journey will consist of making a small detour from Camp Lejeune, NC to Williamstown, NJ and then the 2,800 mile drive to Phoenix, Az. Lucky for me I will have my dad, James, in my passenger and driver seat along the way.

Throughout the next 7 days I will reminisce about some of the time and turbulence over the last 5 years. I hope that you enjoy the story and journey as much as I do writing about.

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